COVID-19: Regaining control to keep seniors safe

This Webinar was presented on June 25 2020 by the WHCA and Enviral Tech to highlight the role of COVID-19 Surface Testing to discover and control COVID-19 outbreaks in Long-Term Care facilities.



The deadly implications of COVID-19 are particularly daunting for the long term care community, as their facilities account for 45% of COVID-19-related fatalities nationwide. Human testing and access restriction have been invaluable but have so far not been sufficient to protect these at-risk communities. In the past 2 months, over 50 long term care facilities in the US have participated in a study to test a new proactive approach. They tested facility surfaces for the presence of virus to provide earlier warning of outbreaks. In this discussion, we’ll share for the first time the result of this study. We’ll show examples of how long term care facilities successfully stopped COVID-19 outbreaks by detecting virus left on facility surfaces by non-symptomatic COVID-19-positive staff members, days or possibly weeks earlier than they would have been found. We will also share the participants’ impressions related to ease-of-use, cost-effectiveness, as well as improvement of resident and employee well-being. This study shows that routine surface testing, when implemented as a part of a facility’s COVID-19 contingency plan, enables the detection and elimination of the virus as soon as it is introduced in a community. These long term care communities’ use of this data-driven approach has helped them regain control over the pandemic, protect seniors, retain their families’ trust and safeguard financial viability.


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Phil Fogg Jr. CEO of Marquis Companies Phil Fogg, Jr., CEO and President of Marquis Companies
After graduating with a degree in Health Care Administration and an MBA, Phil Fogg Jr. formally entered the senior care profession as an administrator, before stepping out on his own. He started Marquis Companies in 1989 and assumed the management of his first skilled nursing facility.
Throughout his career, Phil has been a respectful and influential advocate for long-term care in Oregon and across the nation. He is credited with helping elevate the profession by championing resident care outcomes, increased reimbursement, workforce initiatives and strategies that help navigate the profession through challenging times.


180501_VanDenWymelenberg Kevin_004

Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, PhD
Dr. Van Den Wymelenberg is a Professor of architecture at the University of Oregon and has a Ph.D. in the Built Environment. He founded the Institute for Health in the Built Environment and directs Biology and the Built Environment Center. His work seeks to broaden the network of researchers and practitioners such that issues concerning health, comfort, and sustainability in the human ecosystem are addressed in a way that benefits our work, our community, and our planet.  


Steve Turner, Steve TurnerPhD, President of Enviral Tech

Dr. Turner founded Pacific Biosciences and served as CEO until 2004 and presently serves as CTO. Dr. Turner was awarded a Ph.D. in Physics by Cornell University in 2000, and was a member of the team that invented SMRT sequencing. Dr. Turner’s undergraduate work was at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he received a BS in Applied Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Physics. He is the author of over 50 scientific papers in fields ranging from DNA sequencing technology and biophysics to genomics and epigenomics. He holds over 100 U.S. patents.


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